BIO-PROLIS Application

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The Use of as Palliative Approach in Cancer

 contains flavonoid derivatives propolis extract. Propolis, a natural product derived from plant resins and collected by honey bees, has been used in folk medicine throughout the world. It possesses several biological properties such as anti-inflammatory, anticancer, antioxidant, antibacteria (especially gram-positive bacteria) and antifungal activities.(1,2)

 is free from bees-wax; therefore, during the administration of this product, the disturbance of absorption in the gastrointestinal tract is very low.

Fig. 15. Bioactive Substances in 

Fig. 16. Separation of Propolis from Bee Wax and Resin

SLHLabs conducted a Post Marketing Survey Trial on “The Use of”  as a Palliative Approach in Cancer’ (Multicenter*, Open Label Noncontrolled, Non- randomized). Thirty patients were enrolled in this study. All patients met the following criteria: they suffered from advanced stage cancer with life expectancy 3-6 months and did not take chemo / radiotherapy. They were able: to eat and drink normally, to understand the written informed consent and were willing to fill out the quality of life questionnaire and to see the doctor for regular controls. The exclusion criteria for the patients were based on the Helsinki declaration. All patients took  3 times daily for a duration of 8 weeks. Palliative intervention continued normally. Questionary evaluations were performed within a 2 week interval.(3)

Of the 30 patients enrolled in this study, 2 patients died during the study period. Score evaluation based on questioner on the 2nd, 4th, 6th, and 8th week unchanged significantly compared to baseline (including physical, emotional, functional, social condition, and additional symptoms). However, all patients were in a late stage of cancer, hence status quo during 8 weeks may demonstrate the tendency that  was able to stabilize the diseases / hold the diseases from progression in the examined patient cohort. In conclusion,  was able to stabilize the disease from getting worse without evoking any side effect.(3)

* Multicenter : MPI (Masyarakat Paliatif Indonesia/Indonesian Palliative Community)-Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia.

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