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POM TR. 033 318 411
(Distribution Permit Number from Board of Drug and Food Control the Republic of Indonesia)


Thymus gland is the only clearly individualized primary lymphoid organ in mammals It plays a key role in determining the differentiation of T lymphocytes by producing thymic proteins (e.g. thymosin and thymopoietin) from thymic epithelial cells to enhance T lymphocytes function. Thymus gland is an essential organ of the immune system that is able to activate many immune responses, especially the cellular immune response.(1)

 is a freeze dried young goat thymus glands extract that is used as complementary therapy against cancer and viral infections. These are the thymic hormones in :

  1. Thymostimulin, M.W. 12,000 kDa
  2. Thymopoietin, M.W. 5,562 kDa
  3. Tβ4 (Thymosin β4), M.W. 4,963 kDa
  4. TFX (Thymic Factor X), M.W. 4,200 kDa
  5. THF (Thymic Humoral Factor), M.W. 3,200 kDa
  6. Tα1 (Thymosin α1), M.W. 3,108 kDa
  7. FTS (Factor Thymic Series), M.W. 847 kDa

* for detailed information, please see product application


  • Thymus gland extract60mg
  • Filler up to340mg


  • To enhance the immune system


  • Hypersensitivity to thymus gland extract
  • Patient under immunosuppressive treatment


  • Stop using when undesirable symptoms occurred. Please consult your doctor

Adverse Reaction

  • No report


  • 1-3 capsules, at the same time or apart dose


  • ½ hour before or 1 hour after meals


  • Keep in dry and cool place


Box of bottle, 30 capsules @ 60 mg thymus gland extract and filler up to 400 mg